Miss Belgium Kedist Deltour breaks with cage fighter: “His pro…

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Miss Belgium Kedist Deltour breaks with cage fighter: “His pro…

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Miss Belgium Kedist Deltour (24) is single again. After two years, she broke with 23-year-old cage fighter Losene Keita, Het Laatste Nieuws reports. Keita’s legal problems put a strain on the relationship, Deltour admits. “Every time Keita was in the news negatively, my name and my title were dragged in.”

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“It sounds cliché,” says Deltour. “But loving each other also means letting go. We have come to that realization together, with great respect for each other. We are still friends, but our relationship ends here.”

Losene Keita, who became World Mixed Martial Arts champion last year, has been discredited several times in recent weeks. He was arrested at the beginning of September for his involvement in a heavy gang fight in 2016 and a week later it was announced that he had also been convicted in the same year after he had raided a 56-year-old man and he killed the victim. also threatened with an axe.

All those things put pressure on their relationship, Deltour now confesses. “Every time he was negatively in the news, my name and my title were dragged into it. That hurts, because I have nothing to do with those things at all. As Miss Belgium you have an exemplary function. And I also want to be an example, but if you have to engage and defend yourself for things that have nothing to do with you, it’s not easy. That causes unnecessary stress.”


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