Misleading: UK bans Persil ads

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 Misleading: UK bans Persil ads

Advertising for the Persil brand has been banned in the UK for being misleading about its environmental benefits.

The decision was made by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), reports Air Force. Banned television ads show beaches full of trash and then show children picking up trash.

The ad also says Persil is “more stain-resistant and kinder to our planet.”

One viewer complained that the allegations in the video were unfounded. The regulator supported the appeal and stated that such phrases could be used if the product provides environmental benefits compared to other similar products. over their entire life cycle compared to previous Persil products or other products,” the ASA said in a statement.

Unilever, which owns the Persil brand, said it was “disappointed” such a decision. The company stressed that the product is “kinder” to the planet because it can be used in quick wash and low temperatures, which saves energy. Unilever also noted that their product uses recycled plastic.

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