Mishka talked about the suffering: “the Year to save money”

Кошевой рассказал о пережитых страданиях: «Год откладывала деньги»

The star of “Quarter-95” Eugene Kosh had to work very hard to get out of the shackles of poverty in which it is driven life

The Studio “Kvartal 95”, shared his memories from childhood, and also showed archival photos, it is reported by TSN.

Eugene Mishka was born in the Kharkiv region in the family of Kotelnik and kindergarten teacher, and later the family moved to Lugansk region. According to the actor, his family lived very poorly, sometimes not even enough money for such products as sausage and meat.

“Meat and sausage we had for the holidays. Therefore, this may not enough, now we have sausage and meat in the fridge – yippee,” — said Eugene Mishka.

Mom Mishka for a year saving money to cover a good holiday table.

In addition, gifts and toys then generally it was not. So now Eugene Mishka very glad that his daughters don’t need anything and Eugene can afford afford to treat them.

Кошевой рассказал о пережитых страданиях: «Год откладывала деньги»

Also earlier it was reported that Eugene Mishka has linked his life with the career of comedian, now it’s time for his daughter to think about their own life path.

The shooting of the new joint show of the Studio “Quarter 95” and the New channel you can learn a lot about Ukrainian celebrities.

Thus, the lead project Yevgeniy Koshevoy, waiting for the makeup artists prepare to shoot the star heroines of the show, said that for a long time already refers to women’s duties calmly.

In many ways, their heroic patience actor and broadcaster is obliged eldest daughter Barbara.

Кошевой рассказал о пережитых страданиях: «Год откладывала деньги»

Povaliy was stunned after plastic surgery: “serious problems”, photo
Show business

“I’m on the women’s collections already know everything! I have home Cooking like “the dressing room”! Once I go to it and see a picture: sitting with the phone and teaches: “so, girls, sit down.” I’m like, what are you doing? Read the books better! Teach lessons! And she said, “Dad, don’t bother me! My followers on Instagram wait, I’m coming to you live!” – said Eugene Mishka.

Кошевой рассказал о пережитых страданиях: «Год откладывала деньги»

Recall that the star of “Quarter-95” Eugene Kosh made some Frank confessions to their Ukrainian fans.

Yevgeniy Koshevoy is one of the most brilliant actors of the Ukrainian “Studio Kvartal 95”. Charming appearance, colorful image, extraordinary talent as a comedian is only a few components of his success. Do not in Ukraine, who knows, “Bald from the Quarter.”

Eugene Mishka came to show business from the WHC, then successfully joined the “creative family of kvartalas”, and today no issue of “Evening quarter” it is impossible to imagine without the participation of the Bald. Eugene Mishka appeared in the crown images of Vitaly Woolf, Adolf Hitler, Vitali Klitschko and Steve jobs.

We will remind, a star of “95 Quarter” was attacked.

As he wrote Politeka, actor of “Kvartal 95” again spoke about the Ukrainian language.

Also Politeka reported, the star of “95 Quarter” boasted his family.

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