Miranda Kerr told how I met my husband

Miranda Kerr graced the cover of the new issue of the magazine New Beauty.

36-year-old model, which now awaits the third child of a businessman, Evan Spiegel, spoke about his first thoughts at the sight of her future husband and how her eldest son Flynn cares about the environment, writes the Chronicle.info with reference to popcornnews.ru.

In an interview with New Beauty Miranda Kerr said that when meeting with Spiegel first drew attention to his skin problems. “I thought he was very cute. And then I noticed he had scaly skin. I asked him to try the face oil Noni Glow, and since then he never ceased to use it”, — said the model. It is noteworthy that she suggested Evan as a cosmetic brand KORA Organics, so business acumen Kerr can only envy.

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Miranda manages not only to participate in photo shoots and to do business, but also to raise two sons. She teaches Flynn to organic food and care about the environment. “He is a very curious and inquisitive. Loves to watch me cook and does yoga with me. He likes to play outdoors, and he always cleans up after yourself. I think that to teach children from childhood to close the faucet, turn off the lights and carry a reusable bag to the supermarket is very important. All these little things matter” — reasoned model.

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