Miraculous rescue: the pilot made an emergency landing of the plane when the engine failed

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 Miraculous rescue: Pilot makes emergency landing after engine fails< /p>

On Saturday, July 9, a Cape Coral pilot made an emergency landing on a four-lane highway in North Carolina. It is reported by Winknews.com. It is specified that the pilot Vincent Fraser was forced to land when his engine failed. When he was informed of a failed engine and no airport nearby, he handled the situation like a hero. “I looked at my father-in-law, I said I'm sorry, but we are going to make an emergency landing somewhere in these mountains, and I asked him to help me find the best place to land,” — Fraser said. They were looking for a safe place to land a single-engine 1967 Aero Commander 100. It was possible to land on a usually busy section of the road. Fraser is a flight attendant for Allegiant and has about a year of solo flying experience. Previously, he was a Marine.

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