Ministry of Health to the Israelis: the wave of COVID is receding, but you can’t relax

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 Ministry of Health to Israelis: COVID wave recedes, but we can't relax

In Israel, the incidence of coronavirus is currently declining, but still remains high. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Health. “Accordingly, the risk of infection remains high. In fact, the scale of the incidence today is the same as when the wave was on the rise,” the report said. According to the Ministry of Health, while the incidence remains high, the risk of human infection is significant, even if there is a downward trend. “It's important to be careful. It is a shame to get infected just when the incidence rate began to decline,” the Ministry of Health added. The ministry urged Israelis to wear masks indoors, avoid mass gatherings as much as possible, avoid contact and get tested when they show symptoms, and go through a vaccination campaign.

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