Ministry of Health: Medical honey for cancer patients “LIFEMEL” was not approved by the Ministry

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 Ministry of Health: healing honey for cancer patients "LIFEMEL" was not approved by the ministry

The Ministry of Health reports that LIFEMEL nutritional supplements, which are presented as having the ability to treat side effects and complications of chemotherapy procedures, have not been approved by it. This was reported by the press service of the ministry.

The Advisory Commission for the Investigation of Misleading in Advertising under the Ministry of Health reports that honey and dietary supplement “LIFEMEL from the beehive” sold on the Internet and produced at the food factory “Tsuf Globus LTD” have no scientific justification. The Ministry of Health warns that any advertising that somehow implies that the use of the product is a treatment and/or protection and prevention from medical treatment is misleading the public.

In addition, there is no evidence in the professional literature of scientific studies demonstrating the effectiveness of the products, and in particular, there is no information on studies regarding their ability to prevent diseases published on the company's website. These publications create the illusion of treatment, which may lead users to avoid conventional treatment necessary for their health, thereby putting themselves at risk.

The use of these drugs may lead to side effects and/or a change in the pharmacological efficacy of a cancerous neoplasm, up to complications, toxicity, or a decrease in the effectiveness of treatment.

By law, medicinal properties and disease prevention can only be assigned to medicinal products and medicines, subject to the established registration conditions and after proving their effectiveness , safety and quality. The Ministry of Health warns the public against the use of nutritional supplements such as tablets, powders, tinctures, ointments and potions that are said to have healing properties or to prevent disease.

The Ministry of Health calls on anyone who encounters misleading, incorrect and/or life-threatening advertising, contact the Commission on Misleading the Public under the Ministry of Health.

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