Ministry of Health: Identifying people with Omicron is a problem

Ministry of Health: Identifying people with Omicron is a problem

Concerns about the spread of a new strain of coronavirus forced the Israeli government to take a number of new restrictive measures, namely, the use of Shin Bet to find patients.

Director of the Department International Relations of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Ashi Salmon spoke today on 103 FM with Golan Yokfaz and Anat Davidov.

According to Salmon, all that is known about the virus today is that the virus is very quickly transmitted. It is still unknown whether Omicron is resistant to existing vaccines and whether it exacerbates existing chronic diseases.

Doctors hope that this mutation will not cause mass deaths, and the goal of government containment measures is precisely the desire to reduce possible risks.

Later, the doctor added that every case of coronavirus detected in Israel is subjected to a thorough genetic analysis.

In conclusion of his interview regarding the help of the Shin Bet in finding infected citizens Ashi Salmon said: “ The purpose of location determination is not coercion, but the identification of chains of infection in order to further clarify possible infections. I believe that the SHABAK is a democratic and public body that works under the control of the government. However, I repeat clearly – finding citizens is problematic, so we will use this search method as rarely as possible. ”

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