Ministry of Health confirms: Maccabi customers are more satisfied with medical care

There is nothing surprising in the fact that the Maccabi Health Insurance Fund has attracted more new members in the last 6 years than all other health funds. A survey conducted by the Department of Health and the Brookdale Research Institute found that 93% of Maccabi members satisfied with it more than members of other health insurance funds – own.

What is the reason for this phenomenon? There are several of them.

In addition to the basic package common to all cash desks, Maccabi there are many additional medical services provided throughout the country, 90% of doctors have the highest category, a variety of medical care can be obtained online through the site or application. At the service of members of the cash desk is a network of pharmacies “Maccabi-Pharm”, dental clinics “Maccabident”; and Maccabi Tiwi Alternative Medicine……
The list is endless.

Let's talk a little more about some of the benefits of the cash register.

Today, during the coronavirus epidemic, we understand more than ever the importance of modern digital innovations to protect us from the danger of infection.

available 24/7. They allow you to view your medical record, contact your family doctor at the touch of a button, make an appointment and perform many actions that significantly reduce the need to visit clinics and offices of the health insurance fund.

There are four unique mobile apps that will make your life so much easier:

1. Maccabi Health (בריאות של מכבי) – provides quick and convenient access to your medical record and your child's medical record anytime, anywhere. Ordering and canceling appointments with a doctor, viewing test results, sending requests to doctors, requesting a refund, searching for the right service nationwide and much more.

2. “Maakav area” (מעקב ההריון) for pregnancy management – with detailed explanations and highlights of the different stages of pregnancy, a list of recommended tests by week and helpful articles.

3. Maccabi Kids (מכבי קידס) – a personal assistant for parents that will remind you of upcoming procedures and checks for your children, will allow you to correspond online with a breastfeeding nurse and consult with your pediatrician at any time by phone or video call.

4. Appendix “K” – the latest technological development that allows you to accurately diagnose a variety of conditions and receive further assistance from specialist doctors via chat and video calls.

In addition, the “Maccabi” there are centers throughout the country where emergency medical care is available to all members of the health insurance fund, and after the closure of clinics – in the evenings, on weekends and on the eve of holidays!

“Maccabi-Dent” has more than 50 branches in all corners of the country, where the full range of dental services is provided at the highest level. The network has a dedicated website where you can find the nearest branch to your home, easily make an appointment, learn about first aid services and your rights as a member of the health insurance fund.

And by the way, you don't have to be sick to use Maccabi's services. For example, the owners of “Maccabi went” available:

* fitness training (individual or group) for only 23 NIS per session,
* 50% discount on orthodontics,
* about 70% discount on alternative medicine treatments ,
* the most extensive range of services for pregnant women,
* significant discounts on the purchase of glasses and procedures to help you stop glasses,
* aesthetic surgery
and more, more, more…

In other words, whatever one may say, the reasons why “Maccabi” most in demand in Israel, obvious and numerous.

It is important to know that when moving to Maccabi the length of your health insurance in the old health insurance fund is preserved, and all your medical information is transferred to it!
Going to Maccabi is a very simple online process that takes less than 3 minutes.
Not in Maccabi yet?
Don't compromise on your health!

Details and transition shape HERE!

 Ministry of Health confirms: Maccabi customers are more satisfied with medical care

 Ministry of Health confirms: Maccabi customers are more satisfied with medical care

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