Ministry of Health confirms: cholera found in water in northern Israel

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 Ministry of Health confirmed: cholera found in water in northern Israel

The Israeli Ministry of Health has confirmed that cholera bacteria have been found in a reservoir in the north of the country.

The origin of the bacteria is most likely related to Syria, where in recent months about the cholera outbreak. This is reported by the Jerusalem Post.

Due to the spread of the disease in Syria, close to the common border with Israel, the health intelligence system of the Ministry of Health, together with the Israel Water Authority, is monitoring and analyzing the outbreak and the potential risk that it may represent for Israel.

“Thanks to the early detection, the Ministry of Health, together with the Water Resources Authority, has taken a number of actions to protect the water sources that reach the citizens of Israel,” the ministry said in a statement.

Measures taken included cutting off the water supply from the Kinneret reservoir and chlorinating the water.

In addition, environmental testing for cholera was implemented to ensure regular monitoring of possible water contamination.

The Ministry of Health stated that at this stage no danger to public health has been identified in Israel.

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