Ministry of Education for the first time developed instructions for LGBT children

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 Ministry of Education first developed instructions for LGBT children

The Ministry of Education released guidance on Tuesday on supporting LGBT children and adolescents and members of LGBT families in schools. The instructions are designed to protect the feelings and ensure the psychological health of children going through difficult processes, individually or in the family. The guidelines are designed to help educators be respectful and considerate towards LGBT children and lay the foundation for a tolerant school environment. The document formulated by the Ministry of Education should draw attention to the existing problem and provide the teaching staff with the tools to intervene and help teenagers and parents from the LGBT community, at the systemic and personal levels, in the education system and beyond. The instructions were developed with the participation of psychologists from the Ministry of Education, representatives of parents' committees, LGBT organizations, scientific and expert circles. Following the instructions involves attention and cultural adaptation, as well as consultation with psychologists from different sectors, since there are many currents in the education system. Education Minister Dr. Yifat Shasha-Biton said: “The Ministry of Education must follow the principle of equality and treat all children with respect. The guidelines developed reflect years of experience and provide each school and staff with the tools to provide a safe space and a sense of belonging for all students and their families. The document states that it is necessary to develop or update the charter of schools, train staff accordingly, and maintain constant contact with LGBT families. The instructions explain the principles of conducting counseling conversations about sexual and gender orientation with a student seeking help, the principles of dealing with transgender students, as well as tips for developing systematic and personal approaches. Instructions include talking to students about their wants and needs, and about the gender and pronoun they prefer to call themselves.

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