Ministry of Education expands the curriculum in agriculture

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 Ministry of Education expands agriculture curriculum

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The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Agriculture have decided to promote a unique curriculum in secondary schools that combines farming practice with full matriculation. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Education. The program aims to strengthen agricultural education, deepen the sense of belonging and connection with the country and the land. The program will start in 12 schools. “The education system instills in students love for the land and love for the motherland in a variety of ways: travel around the country, stories about history, heroism and heritage, memorial ceremonies and much more. The new program allows students to deepen their connection with the earth through practice. Thanks to her, many students living in an urban environment will be able to take part in the process of tillage and see the fruits of their labor. This connection deepens their sense of belonging, strengthens their self-esteem and allows them to develop the skills of determination, perseverance, patience along with the necessary skills in the field of agriculture,” said Dalit Stauber, Director General of the Ministry of Education. Along with practical training in this area, students will learn about scientific principles in agriculture, about production processes and production technologies, about the development of innovative production technologies, about environmental, scientific and technological problems in agricultural work and about the way to solve these complex problems. The combination of theoretical studies with full practical experience in this field improves the skills of self-discipline, determination and teamwork and therefore makes a great contribution to reducing dropout in the education system. Naama Kaufman-Fass, CEO of the Ministry of Agriculture: “Anyone who cares about Israel's agriculture understands that along with investing in innovation, we must invest in human capital, because without the next generation there can be no agriculture. A joint program with the Ministry of Education aims to introduce adolescents to this area from high school. The program is part of a project to support young and new farmers from the Ministry of Agriculture, from youth movements through high school to volunteer organizations. In this way, we can encourage the younger generation, which will lead to the further prosperity of Israeli agriculture.

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