Ministry of Defense will create a committee to find housing solutions for the disabled of the IDF

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 Ministry of Defense to establish committee to find housing solutions for IDF disabled people

The Department of Rehabilitation of the MoD continues to promote a number of measures to improve the care and provision of disabled veterans of the IDF as part of the “One Soul” reform. The Director General of the Ministry of Defense, retired Major General Amir Eshel, has appointed a commission to review housing solutions for disabled people in the Israel Defense Forces who have suffered post-traumatic disorder, traumatic brain and mental injuries. The committee will be chaired by Dr. Shlomo Mendelovich, director of the Shalveta Mental Health Center. The committee was established in collaboration with the IDF Disabled Organization.

The committee will look into the special housing needs of IDF veterans with disabilities in order to find appropriate solutions that will help the rehabilitation department focus on optimal rehabilitation of veterans with the provision of social security and housing.

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