Ministry of Defense statistics: antigen test misses 50% of infected

Ministry of Defense statistics: antigen test misses 50% of those infected

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Channel 12 of Israeli TV reports that according to statistics from the Israeli Ministry of Defense, 47% of those infected pass the antigen test.

The Administration for Research, Arms Development and Technological Infrastructure (MAPAT) has re-examined those identified as “ negative '' as a result of an antigen test last week, and gave them a PCR test. It turned out that 47% of those infected missed the antigen test.

The opposite effect is also observed – 37% of the “ positive '' antigen test results were negative after PCR.

Managers of test centers in Israel sharply criticize the government's decision that now only people over 60 years of age and representatives of risk groups will do PCR tests: “ That was correct – to decide on the regulation of testing policy. But the decision that only people over 60 years old will be sent to PCR will lead to the fact that our centers will operate 20 times less throughput. We will be doing 12 thousand tests a day. This is a completely unnecessary restriction. ” Zeev Elkin's construction site to discuss government testing policy.

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