Minister Orit Struk: “PA directs terrorist attacks”

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 Minister Orit Struk: 'PA directs terrorist attacks'

Minister of National Missions Orit Struk took part in a conference of directors of religious Zionist institutions in Eilat on Tuesday evening.

During her speech, Orit Struk accused the authorities Palestinian Authority instigating terrorist attacks, Haruts Sheva reports.

“It is important that we know who we are facing. It is important that we understand where these attacks come from. Attack after attack. This is not a coincidence, these are not lone wolf attacks. There is a guiding hand here, and that hand is the hand of the Palestinian Authority,” she said.

Orit Struk added, “Let's understand, this is the Palestinian Authority. Those who raise its flag are raising the flag of an organization whose rule book says what has been written only four times in history: in the time of the pharaoh, in the time of the evil Haman, in the time of Nazi Germany, and now in the Palestinian Authority. A code of laws that says: “Kill Jews, and whoever kills more Jews will get more.”

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