Minister Handel versus a deputy from the RAAM

Minister Handel against the deputy from RAAM

Meeting of Minister Joaz Genedl during a meeting with students, when he sharply opposed Mazen Ghanaim, a deputy from Raam, after Ghanaim's meeting with the leader of the northern faction of the Islamic movement Raed Salah, this became known today in the morning.

In the recording, you can hear Handel saying that “Israel is a country in which law and order exist for everyone. And I do not agree with the fact that the Arab MP is meeting with the instigator and anti-Semite Raed Salah. The very meeting with him harms coexistence. Mansour Abbas is a real leader, you heard his words yesterday, but his party members … This is unacceptable! ”.

As you remember, Raed Salah was released last week after 16 months in prison. In November 2019, Salah was convicted of incitement to terrorism after expressing support for the organization he led, which was later outlawed.

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