Miner heroically escaped in the match against Eintracht Frankfurt: the result of the match of the Europa League

Шахтер героически спасся в матче с Айнтрахтом: результат матча Лиги Европы

Shakhtar played their first match of 1/16 final of League of Europe with German side Eintracht

Shakhtar Donetsk in Kharkov played a draw with German side Eintracht. Match on “OSK Metalist” began with a shock for the Ukrainian team, after a corner by the visitors ‘ defender Hinteregger struck his head in the hands of Pyatov, who made a mistake and fired the ball into the goal.

But in the very next attack the miner has created a moment in which earned a penalty, Marlos with points are not missed and equalized. And then in came the judge who was shown a dubious second yellow card for Stepanenko, so the miner remained in the minority already on the tenth minute.

Шахтер героически спасся в матче с Айнтрахтом: результат матча Лиги Европы

The first half, the miners held out for a draw, despite a flurry of attacks Eintracht, periodically running out the private attack. The second half began with the attacks of the Germans and in the end they still scored, it kostich shot of the net.

But the Ukrainians have not showered and equalized by the efforts of Tyson, which implemented nice move by Moraes. After that Shakhtar fought back and kept a positive score for this game progress.

Шахтер героически спасся в матче с Айнтрахтом: результат матча Лиги Европы


Shakhtar Donetsk – Eintracht Frankfurt – 2 : 2

Goals: Marlos, 10(pen), Tyson, 67 — Hinteregger, 7, kostić, 50

Removal: Stepanenko, 11

It is worth noting that Dynamo snatched an incredible draw in the away match against Olympiacos. Team in a relaxed manner started the match, but in his first attack, Olympiacos managed to open the scoring. Fortunes took the ball into the penalty area and passed to Hassan, and he has a close range shot gate of the Striker. Dinamo managed to equalize in the middle of the first half. In the 27th minute KENDZERA to the end played on the flank and in the fall passed the ball in the penalty area under attack Buyalsky, who, left without care, in touch sent the ball into the net.

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At the end of the half, Olympiakos was able to move forward. Dias played in the selection and a beautiful shot struck the gates of Kiev from thirty metres.

In the second half, the initiative mainly owned Dynamo and in the end managed to score an incredibly important second goal. On 89 minutes, Tsygankov after a pass into the penalty area chipped the ball to Verbica, which evened the score in the match than to provide the Kiev team is quite comfortable result before the second leg.

Earlier, UEFA has changed the start time in the Champions League this season.

As reported Politeka, the European football Union will also create a new tournament for European clubs. Its launch is to be held in season 2021/22.

Also Politeka wrote about how much will the miner for performance in the Champions League.

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