Million watch. What to look for in the home of the owner of Beitar Jerusalem

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 Hours for a million. What they were looking for in the house of the owner of Beitar Jerusalem

The owner of the Beitar Jerusalem football club, Barak Abramov, has experienced a particularly difficult event. The program of the 12th channel told about what happened to the owner of “Beitar Jerusalem” and for what reason the robbers broke into his house.

The main reason why the robbers came to Abramov's house is the luxurious Richard Mille watch that Abramov owns. This is a rare watch, the cost of which is close to a million shekels. This is a watch similar to the one Eran Zahavi has, which caused thieves to break into his home in Holland.

burglars, so he didn't wear them and put them in a safe at his home.

News 13 reporter Eli Senior gave new details about how unusual the robbery was: for the film “Mechanical Orange”. It was not just robbers who came to rob the clock, but a planned ambush of robbers who were waiting at the door. They wanted to take away a chic watch. They severely beat Abramov. They tortured him for long minutes and handcuffed him by the arms and legs.

the police, the robbers did not open the door and continued to beat Abramov. This was not an ordinary robbery, not the robbery that you are used to seeing – there was something pre-planned here.

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