Milevsky kicked out of the club: Dopilsya

Милевского выгнали из клуба: Допился

Ukrainian football player Artem Milevsky again seriously violated discipline

The current head coach of “Dinamo-Brest” Marcel Licka told that the former coach of Aleksey Shpilevsky kicked striker Artem Milevsky from the team for violation of discipline:

“We had two days off. I was in the Czech Republic, and when he returned, Shpilevsky said, Savitsky, Milevsky and Gavrilovic. I asked: “Why?” And he said that they were drinking in the bath. That’s life. Sometimes these things happen”.

Милевского выгнали из клуба: Допился

The Milevsky refused to comment on the situation and said that he didn’t want to recall it.

Now Ukrainian is the Hungarian striker of the club “Kisvarda”.

Милевского выгнали из клуба: Допился

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Show business

As previously reported, Artem Milevsky commented on the scandal with the striker “Zenith” Alexander Kokorin and midfielder “Krasnodar” Pavel Mamaev, who beat officer and attacked a passerby. It is reported According to Milevsky, he often watches the matches of “Zenith”, respects Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev, and does not understand how could this situation, writes Match TV.

“Of course, I respect Alexander and Paul as players. But we can’t take back what happened in the cafe. How is that possible? I was not there, so I don’t know why it all started. And, frankly, don’t want to get involved. It’s not my business. We live in the twenty-first century, everywhere there are surveillance cameras everywhere filming, and then merge the entries in the Internet,” said Milevsky.

Милевского выгнали из клуба: Допился

We will note, earlier Artem Milevskiy announced plans to return to Ukraine. The player assured that he is very comfortable in Hungary.

“In Hungary I really like. A small country town. Everyone can go to see how the stadiums. There were different options, we thought, financially considered. Made the decision, because there are ambitious, strong team,” — said Artem Milevskiy.

We will remind, fans of Dynamo was threatened with a gun, video.

As reported Politeka, the players and the Dynamo fans got a surprise for Yarmolenko: photo.

Also Politeka wrote that the player of Dinamo went to jail: what is the reason.

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