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 Mikhail Shats and his

«Standup— this is a confession in which you reflect on the surrounding reality. – says Mikhail Schatz, who is ready to present his new program New Stand-Up on the Israeli stage in November.

If you start to describe the creative path of Mikhail Shats, you will get the road from a doctor, a certified anesthesiologist-resuscitator, to a stand-up comedian. Between these two points, a huge life on stage and television fit in.

Like many comedians, everything started with KVN for Mikhail Shats. Then there were “OSP Studio”, “33 square meters”, “To spite the records”, “Good jokes”, “Thank God you came”, “It was in the evening”, many projects in which Mikhail acted as the author or producer, animated films dubbed by him and much more.

And then stand-up happened to Schatz. As he says about himself: “I carved my niche – the oldest comedian. Mikhail Schatz's style of humor has evolved over the years, and today his intelligent and subtle jokes and the way he describes his life and the world around him attract viewers of all ages. Often, parents with children come to his performances, who are familiar with Mikhail's work not only from his television activities, but also from the YouTube podcast “Dad, close the door!”, Which he hosts with his daughter Sonya.
< br /> Here is what Schatz says about his program: “The program is completely new, and its essence – about the last six months of my life. It is about Israel, although, of course, it contains references to my life in Russia, why I left there, and so on. But basically these are my impressions of how I see Israel. For me, a Jew with 57 years of experience, this is the funniest – suddenly feel new, ole hadash. Actually, this is the essence of the program. My stand-up is not always just a monologue. Of course, I talk to the audience, especially those who want to talk to me, and in this sense, of course, part of the program will be interactive – communication with those who will come to my performance.

Mikhail Shatz's new stand-up can be seen on November 11 in Ashdod, on November 17 in Tel Aviv and on November 24 in Netanya.

Tickets: https://biletru.co.il/events/mihail-shats-noviy-standup/

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