Migrants trying to enter Spain in the glove compartment of the car

Мигранты пытались проникнуть в Испанию в бардачке автомобиля

In two cars found caches

Three people tried to illegally cross the Spanish border in the recesses, equipped inside the car, reports the Chronicle.info with reference for Today.

For three hours on the border of Morocco and Spanish enclave Melilla border guards stopped three cars in which was hiding a 15-year-old girl and two young men, one of whom was 20 years old and the other 21.

In two cars the cache, which you can look through the glove compartment, located between the dashboard and the engine. In the third car of the man hiding under the rear seat.

After traveling in such conditions two migrants have symptoms of asthma. In addition, they complained of disorientation and pain in the joints. They received medical help, and drivers arrested.

On the same day during the search of the truck found the fourth of the migrant. He took advantage of the carelessness of the driver, climbed under the base of the machine and managed to enter Melilla.

Melilla is located on the Mediterranean coast of Africa and is bordered to the Moroccan port of Beni Ansar. There are ferries to the towns on the South and South-East of Spain.

The Italian, who was traveling to Rome on the Navigator, was in Germany

Spain is one of the main migration routes used by the natives of the countries South of the Sahara. As a rule, they illegally enter one of the Spanish enclaves in Africa, cross the Mediterranean sea and into Europe.

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