Midfielder “Aston Villa”: in the Premier League like it, in Spain everything is different

 Aston Villa midfielder: I like it in the Premier League, everything is different in Spain< /p>

Aston Villa midfielder Philippe Coutinho is pleased with his return to the Premier League.

Sky Sports reports.

“I really like it here. I missed the Premier League and the people. They treated me well and I missed that. Okay, come back here. The games here are very intense and I love it”, – he noted.

According to the player, he will have to adapt again. He's trying to do his best in training now.

“I guess I really like this change. Football is different in Spain. In “Barcelona” you usually spend more time with the ball, more control of it, and these are different things. I don't want to live in the past. Now I'm in a great club and I want to show my best and enjoy playing football”, — he emphasized.

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