Microsoft to Add GPT-4 Chatbot Analog to Office Suite

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 Microsoft will add GPT-4 chatbot analog to Office suite

The technology behind the ChatGPT artificial intelligence system will be added to the working Microsoft 365 software, according to the BBC.

Microsoft called the system Copilot , it will be built into Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
Copilot features include:

  • summary key points of a conversation in deliberative programs – Teams,
  • create PowerPoint presentations with images and prompts,
  • compose emails,
  • analyze long streams of emails and documents
  • create summaries and graphs of data on Excel spreadsheets.

The new technology in Microsoft 365 is not ChatGPT, but it is based on the same language learning model.

Yesterday, ChatGPT developer OpenAI announced the release of a more powerful and improved version of artificial intelligence – GPT-4. The neural network was taught to process not only text, but also pictures.

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