Microsoft returned to a favorite app: “the legend on Windows 10”

Microsoft вернул любимое приложение: «легенда  на Windows 10»

The developers, Windows 10 will try to improve the software and make it work more easily, returning the old app

Microsoft employees continually adds Windows 10 different kinds of new features and capabilities, but they need only a few.

Such innovations, which requests the most, the developers did not implement. For the first time in a long time, a whole bunch of negative reviews on the net, forced a U.S. Corporation to change its own is not the best decision a few years ago.

Microsoft вернул любимое приложение: «легенда  на Windows 10»

At the beginning of 2017, the Microsoft executives announced that the company decided to get rid of outdated Paint, replacing it with a new one. They promised that the software will no longer work on computers running Windows 10 in the first half of 2019.

Yesterday, February 12, some computer users on the basis of the tenth “Windows” has detected a message that this editing will soon be moved to the Microsoft store.

Employees of the us Corporation said that the Paint is still possible to download and install Windows 10 for free if someone needs it. Thus, the developers decided not to abandon this application and, in addition, continue to provide it software support to continue to work on tens of millions of computers around the world.

Microsoft вернул любимое приложение: «легенда  на Windows 10»

The only difference is that to use this graphic editor it will have to download it yourself, using your Microsoft account.

First, the developers wanted to replace the old application is a graphical editor for a new called Paint 3D, but this software has managed to collect a lot of negative feedback from users, which forced Microsoft to continue to provide support for a previously closed project.

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It is not excluded that in the future Windows 10, the two graphical editor will be combined into one, which will allow to get rid of negative reviews online, taking the best of other applications for working with images and photos, albeit on a basic level.

Recall that Windows 10 has released a new update.

As reported Politeka, it became known that dangerous for your Windows PC.

Also Politeka wrote as a Google search will facilitate the user’s life.

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