Microsoft is preparing a universal platform for all devices: “replacement Android”

Microsoft готовит универсальную платформу для всех устройств: «замена Android»

Microsoft is preparing to release new software

User under the name DriversCloud found on LinkedIn job description program Manager security project, Windows Core OS. In the description it is specified that to protect the Windows Core OS, you will need skills in the field of machine learning and data processing. In addition, the Manager will deal with the protection of free software components — this is the official confirmation that such components will be present in Windows Core OS.

All who follow the development of Windows Core OS, wondered if the new system support Win32 applications. In LinkedIn I found a description on another post that confirms that such support will be implemented — through the use of containers created on the basis of the OneCore.

Microsoft готовит универсальную платформу для всех устройств: «замена Android»

Windows Core OS will support Universal apps Windows platform (UWP). The platform allows developers to create applications for various versions of Windows mobile, desktop, etc. you can create one app that will work on all devices without the need to customize or rewrite it separately for each device. It is assumed that the Core Windows OS will play a big role in promoting the UWP.

The main idea of the project Core Windows OS is that it will be a universal platform for all devices. Presumably, the first version will be designed for mobile devices, and further desktop and Xbox. Specialized media are of the opinion that the new OS will replace Windows 10.

Windows Core OS is opencarry the backbone of the OS, similar to Android project. This skeleton is not intended for end users and for manufacturers and developers who can create customized operating systems based on this framework. Thus each shell to be tailored to the specifications of the specific device, and at the same time, the overall base will ensure their compatibility with each other.

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Microsoft готовит универсальную платформу для всех устройств: «замена Android»

Also earlier it was reported that Windows 10 showed up a bug in the new security update.

The computer cannot be supersedement, it is prone to many bugs and viruses that are every day coming up with hackers from around the world. For example, after updating the security solution Windows Defender last week, many users cannot boot Windows 10. Some also report being able to download Windows Server 2016 and 2019.

By the end of last week, Microsoft confirmed that the problem was caused by updating Windows Defender. The problem with blocking downloads of change file path to be updated is already known for some time. However, the inability to download the computers running Windows 10 in safe boot mode (Secure Boot) was a real surprise.

Recall that Windows 10 has released a new update.

As reported Politeka, it became known that dangerous for your Windows PC.

Also Politeka wrote as a Google search will facilitate the user’s life.

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