Microsoft called Internet Explorer to forget what happened

Microsoft призвал забыть Internet Explorer: что произошло

The representatives of the Corporation Microsoft urged users to exercise caution using the famous browser

Microsoft has acknowledged his signature Internet Explorer is unsafe and advised me to stop using it as your primary web browser.

The corresponding statement was made by an expert Microsoft on cybersecurity Chris Jackson(Chris Jackson) in his published record in the blog Windows IT Pro. Jackson urged not to use Internet Explorer as the default browser, explaining that his full support is discontinued in 2015, simultaneously with the release of heir to the IE browser Edge.

Microsoft призвал забыть Internet Explorer: что произошло

Now Internet Explorer is not only can be used by hackers to hack the victim’s computer. This browser still does not support modern web standards. Code browser is outdated, new version out, and it makes it virtually useless in browsing relevant resources. Occasionally Microsoft releases security patches for Internet Explorer, but sometimes they just aggravate the situation.

So, released at the end of December 2018. emergency update to the index for IE 9-11 KB4467691 of prevodilac problems with loading Windows on laptops with small amount of RAM. The problem affected the mobile PC under all current Microsoft OS.

From the fact that Internet Explorer is not able to display correctly modern websites emerges, oddly enough, is its main advantage.

Microsoft призвал забыть Internet Explorer: что произошло

Despite the fact that the browser is not updated for almost four years, the number of Internet portals is still not optimized for popular browsers including Chrome, Opera and Firefox. They also can be attributed to a variety of programs with a web interface.

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Microsoft promises to release a new version of the Microsoft Edge, which will move to the Chromium platform, which will make it compatible with many web sites and also allow you to use the convenient extension in Chrome. Improved browser from Microsoft will work with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows outdated 7 and also on Mac and Linux. According to Jackson, this will allow Microsoft Edge to be a trend of changes in web standards, not adapt to them after the fact.

Recall that Firefox users were warned of the threat.

As reported Politeka, Tor Browser is prepared for users of the surprise that will change.

Also Politeka wrote about Google Chrome and how to evaluate the performance of the browser.

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