Microsoft adds chatbot from Bing to their apps and Skype

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 Microsoft adds chatbot from Bing to its apps and Skype

Microsoft announced that the Bing chatbot, which the company introduced in February 2023, is now available on the Bing mobile app and the Microsoft Edge browser for Android and iOS.

In addition, Microsoft has added voice input to the — You can send requests by voice in both mobile and browser versions.

Bing has also appeared in Skype. It can be added, for example, to a group with relatives or acquaintances, and asked to answer questions during the discussion or search for information on the Internet.

For example, when planning a meeting, you can check the weather or find out what interesting activities take place on this day. And when talking with friends — ask Bing to provide arguments from the Internet.

In the future, Microsoft plans to introduce a chatbot into its other services for communication — for example, in the corporate messenger Teams.

So far, the function is available only to those who already have a Bing chatbot running. The rest can sign up for the waiting list.

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