Michael Poplawski: I owe my Victories to my students

Михаил Поплавский:  Победами я обязан своим студентам

Michael Poplawski: “Win, I owe to my students”
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28 Nov cult rector – 70. The rules of life forever young eagle.

Michael Poplawski knows exactly how to become successful, rich and famous Ukrainians. “Life – it’s a great show directed by people. Believe in yourself! Become a leader! Attack life!” – expertly advises the students of Mikhail Mikhailovich. We have collected the most important life hacks this amazing Ukrainian who has made himself. People’s artist of Ukraine by example proves that nothing is impossible. Moreover, notice what are the singing of the rector of the irony and sense of humor!

“To invest in his business heart and soul”

– In order to achieve success in any business, you need to invest in it all soul and heart. Not money, not investments, not the desire to earn – and invest yourself! Thanks to this simple truth took place Poplawski. My career I started from zero, without sponsors and patrons. A simple guy from the Ukrainian village, I sincerely wanted to leave behind good deeds on earth, to become successful, rich and popular. Perhaps to some this seems an impertinence, because I was never perfect – no appearance, no character, but always remained himself. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd, from the gray mass. Don’t be afraid to be outsiders. Become eagles and glycemi!

“Sold the pants to earn the capital”

– The one who dreams only of money, will remain poor. The one who seeks only to prestige and popularity, will sink into oblivion. And the sooner you realize this, the sooner you will begin your path to success. Money was never my main goal. I was a good Manager, and then understand how to earn. Without investment there is no project. I, as Dean of the Institute of culture, stood on the Polish markets and sold the pants to earn your first capital. Took for $ 2, and the poles handed over 20. I was afraid that someone didn’t recognize this idea. This is know-how. This is a business project that only you know (laughs). So be unique and look for his gold mine.

Михаил Поплавский:  Победами я обязан своим студентам


“Humour, sport and sex makes the world go round”

– You need to start the day. Woke up and this is positive. Without humor, life is impossible. Humor, sports and sex makes the world go round. Humor is communication, sport is health, sex is fun. Live to the max in pleasure.

As I begin? Now I have preparations for the jubilee concert “I – Ukrainian!” which will take place on 3 December at the sports Palace. And I need to lose about 8-10 kg. So every morning I have a cold shower, a brisk walk – 5 thousand steps, sometimes a Cup of coffee in the morning and evening swim. Not myself (laughs).

“While 300 grams of cognac freewheeling, to go on stage could not”

– You need to be confident in their abilities and their projects. When I came on the scene with “Young eagle” – it was a shock. We only dreamed of and could not predict what a PR-project “Singing rector of technology” out of a possible 100 we can soak 500 percent. What was the point? The output of the rector on the scene was to cause shock, stress and distrust, but we came in the 25th frame in the mind of people and stayed there for a long time.

When I was told that I had to go on stage and sing, I said, “Me? Doctor of Sciences, Professor, rector of Metropolitan University to go on stage?” In General, we threw three more glasses of brandy, and I gave the nod. So I kicked on stage the song “Young eagle”, House of culture “Arsenal”… It is…

This “theory of stress” in practice. The more journalists are criticized, and the audience discussed my performances, the more people interested in the Institute of culture. And when paid attention, saw that the University develops that this is a powerful new University and with the former “sack” he had nothing in common.

“I sing about my native and close”

Gradually I have formed their own repertoire. I sing about what was close all: about Ukraine and Ukrainians on the native land, mother, son, his native village, love that holds the world. Even dear to the heart of customs or way of life: dumplings, bacon, soup, nettle, Qom, bath. I.e., about Ukrainian life. Everything that warms the soul, of the near and dear.

When I sing “mother’s cherry”, “old Man”, “Dorog moï father”, “sin miy”, “Zdrasti, Ridne Selo”, in the prayer hall listening to the silence. Feel a tremendous sense of Patriotic enthusiasm, along with the audience when you sing a song “I am Ukrainian” or “Ukraine”.

However, despite the show’s success, affirm: I am not a singer, as a performer and promoter of Ukrainian songs.

Михаил Поплавский:  Победами я обязан своим студентам


“Young eagle” – the song of my life”

“Young eagle” is actually a software song life of Michael Poplavsky. It is simple, well comes. “Di nitrotech, from serdary to sardari, and if not PDEs nitrotech, bude pavni… kapets” (laughs). You need to understand in songs hidden PR. Jokes – this is also a PR. There are many jokes about the acting and the company. Here is one of them. The journalist asks Poplavsky: “Mikhail, they say you sleep with a student of your University?” As Mikhail says, “don’t sleep with them!”

If there is no scandal about Poplavskiy, so I’m not doing something. Scandal is a PR.

“Sincerity played a role”

We have achieved our goal. An amazing thing happened – people liked the songs of Michael Poplavsky. Sincere thoughts and feelings inherent in them, it was clear to everyone – love to the native land, respect for parents, love carried through life. To elevate Ukrainian culture, it is necessary to go from simple to complex, not Vice versa. I think there are few agronomists or combine who regularly attend jazz evenings and go to the Opera.

Perhaps that is why the project, which at first provoked outrage, then so fond of Ukrainians. So the objectives were achieved. “The singing rector” became the most bright and effective advertising of Kyiv national University of culture and arts.

Михаил Поплавский:  Победами я обязан своим студентам


“Win, I owe to my students”

Now our University is a powerful educational Corporation. Students need love. To love is to act in their interests. I owe my students return to the post of rector. They supported me during the trials, blocking the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet. They believed me. To students I owe my achievements and victories. They are the criterion of my success.

We work without stopping, trying to be not only competitive but the best. And the results are obvious to all. Kiev Institute of culture in the early 1990s was a “bag” of two faculties, but now it is national University, which enrolled approximately 10,000 students! I’m sure 26 years of my administrative work at the University is sufficient proof that I am acting correctly.

Someone from journalists said Michael Poplawski is an optimist in a pessimistic state. I really hope that I am not alone. Believe in people, believe in students. A successful student is a happy rector. As well as the Ukrainians happy, successful and rich Ukraine!

“I am a Ukrainian in the eighth knee”

– I am Ukrainian in the eighth knee. Our spirit – Ukrainian. In 2012 we created the Ukrainian telethon song “Song unites us” – 110 hours, nearly 5 days the Ukrainian song was played live on the First national channel. We watched in 155 countries. Our marathon broke the previous record of Italy for almost seven hours. I then called and from America, and from Canada, were interested in what we have going on, what kind of revolution again. And we answered: a revolution in the minds of Ukrainians. Ukrainian song was, is and will be. This project entered the Guinness Book of world records Guinness. If you can to do something for the people – do it!

It’s like with restaurants “Batista house” where meals are cooked according to recipes of the family of Poplavsky on the walls – photos of relatives, embroidered towels, are the same as in childhood. People love Ukrainian rural flavor.

Михаил Поплавский:  Победами я обязан своим студентам



About the formula of happiness

Without emotion man can accomplish nothing. Intelligence can be “wow”, but people can not realize their ideas, to present and promote their achievements. The patented formula of happiness Mykhailo Poplavskiy – “Emotii ntellect W tvorcho-prikladni character pocina I vigra”.

Never give up. Don’t have any regrets. Treat philosophically. Take from life to the max. I am a maximalist.

And wish you this. Be optimistic and a little eccentric!

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