Michael Jordan's six championship shoes to be sold at Sotheby's

News » Life Style Six of Michael Jordan's championship shoes to be sold at Sotheby's

Basketball legend Michael Jordan's Air Jordans “Dynasty Collection” is on a world tour in search of buyer, writes Bloomberg.

It's unclear how much such a unique lot could sell for, said Eric Hirsch, contemporary collectibles specialist at Sotheby's. dollars. Hirsch said that this collection could cost twice as much, but he wouldn't be surprised if it was 10 or 20 times more.

In September, the jersey Jordan wore to the 1998 NBA Finals sold at auction for $10.1 million. A shabby pair of Birkenstocks worn by Steve Jobs sold in November for nearly $220,000.

Sports collectibles market hits records after really taking off when Covid pandemic hit -19.

The six Jordan shoes, dubbed the “Dynasty Collection”, are now on display in Dubai. Before that, they were shown to selected customers in London and New York. After a week in Dubai, they will move to Hong Kong, Singapore, and then to New York. Deadline not for sale, but Hirsch says it will happen in 2023 — in the year of Jordan, who wore number 23.

According to Hirsch, six of the shoes originally belonged to a Chicago Bulls publicist. To Tim Hallam. After Jordan won his first title in 1991, he gave one of his playing shoes to Hallam. The player then gave the shoe to Hallam again after winning in '92, then again in '93, '96, '97 At some point, Hallam sold the collection. The identity of the current owner has not been released.

The shoes are in varying condition. Jordan's original lettering on the shoe is still legible. On the outside of the left 1991 shoe, Jordan wrote “Tim” in gold ink. On the inside, the shoe's wearing time is also written in gold letters: “6-12-91, Game 5, Bulls 108 LA 101".

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