MIA showed how to check the car when buying with it

У МВС показали, як перевірити авто при покупці з рук

What to check before buying cars

If you are going to buy a used car, you should pay attention to many details. Among them vehicle check by VIN code. How to do it without any extra effort – see below.

In the press center of the Ministry of internal Affairs shared some important information for those wishing to purchase cars. Experts recommend to check not only technical characteristics, but the VIN code is the history of the vehicle and its features, and mileage.

Besides, this can now be done online. Simple instructions in the video created the Main service centre of the Ministry of interior.

How to check the VIN code online:

  • Come on http://bit.ly/ЕлeктроннийКабінетВoдія
  • Log in with digital signature, BankID or MobileID
  • Enter VIN number and get all the data

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