MI6 employees talk about bloopers in James Bond films

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 MI6 employees talk about blunders in James Bond films

James Bond takes too much on himself.

September 28 in London hosted the world premiere of the 25th Bond film & # 171; 007: No Time to Die & # 187 ;. On the occasion of the long-awaited premiere, the BBC spoke with real MI6 employees & # 8212; British intelligence service, whose agent was the iconic character Ian Fleming. They said that in the Bond films is fiction, Chronicle.info reports with reference to the Apostrophe.

& # 171; I think the biggest difference is that we are much more cooperative than the people at & # 171; Bond & # 187 ;. Very rarely, if ever, would you go out on a mission alone without support. Everything happens as a team. There is always a security team around you & # 187 ;, & # 8212; said a current intelligence officer who identified herself as & # 171; Sam & # 187 ;.

& # 171; We have agents and staff, we need technicians, a communications team. A person is never on his own. Very little resembles the reality of working for the Secret Intelligence Service & # 187;, & # 8212; confirmed by an employee with the nickname & # 171; Tara & # 187 ;.

& # 171; The idea that some guy is making a mess around the world by shooting people is absolutely anathema for us. Someone like him just won't be allowed on the doorstep & # 187;, & # 8212; said the MI6 officer.

Journalist Frank Gardner explained that the main task of the officers is & nbsp; intelligence & # 8212; convince real agents to provide vital secrets to them. The agents themselves can be well-informed people, say, in an al-Qaeda attack planning cell or a nuclear research center of a hostile state. It is the agents who take the main risk, and MI6 does its best to protect their personalities and families.

& # 171; People risk their lives to work with us, & # 8212; explains & # 171; Tara & # 187 ;. & # 8212; There is a category of people who would be in serious danger if it turned out that they are working with us. They could lose their lives, and we take it very seriously & # 187 ;.

MI6 Senior CTO & # 171; Emma & # 187; said that the films show laboratories full of gadgets, and this is very different from reality.

& # 171; I have a much larger team of engineers providing new opportunities. Unlike the movies, we don't all wear white coats and we don't all look geeky. But in terms of gadgets, we work very closely with the intelligence officers & # 187; & # 8212; she said.

Today, there are officers in the upper echelons of MI6 who started working long before the advent of mobile phones and the Internet. Secret records were then mostly kept in safes and filing cabinets. Officials say it was relatively easy at the time to get a scout across the border into a hostile location using a fictitious name. Today's espionage is dominated by modern technology, but former MI6 chief Alex Younger argues that human intelligence will always be irreplaceable for them.

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