MH17 case. The Netherlands began preparing a new procedure against the Russian Federation

MH17 case. The Netherlands has begun preparing a new procedure against the Russian Federation

The Netherlands have begun preparing a new legal procedure against the Russian Federation in the case of the MH17 crash under investigation. This is reported by the Dutch press, citing sources in the kingdom's law enforcement agencies.

The Dutch authorities want to involve ICAO in the impact on Russia & ndash; International Civil Aviation Organization & ndash; structure of the United Nations (UN), which regulates the development of world civil aviation, regulates its activities and ensures flight safety.

Through ICAO, the Netherlands is going to accuse Russia of violating the Chicago Convention, according to which countries are obliged to ensure the safety of civil aviation flights. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands reports that various types of legal procedures are currently being considered, but so far the confidentiality of their content is preserved, writes thegoaspotlight.

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