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 Bitcoin earning methods

For millions of users around the world, Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies remain a desirable asset for investing, trading or exchanging for fiat counterparts. The fact that bitcoin can be “mined” in various ways further fuels the interest of the audience.

Attention! Cryptocurrencies – this is a segment with strong exchange rate volatility, a high level of investment risks and an abundance of dubious projects. Soberly evaluate your financial capabilities and profitability of the chosen direction, and also do not risk those funds that you cannot afford to lose.

Classic mining

Cryptocurrency mining with the help of own equipment, “rigs” is considered traditional. and «asikov». When choosing a traditional mining method, it is worth considering the profitability of the event, taking into account the cost of electricity, resources for servicing the “farm” and up-to-date equipment. In addition, investments in mining at the initial stage can be very serious.

Cloud mining

For obvious reasons, the traditional method of mining “crypto” Not suitable for everyone, and not in every situation. If you do not have a room to host a farm, as well as there is no access to cheap electricity, an alternative would be cloud mining with the rental of remotely located equipment (or part of its capacity). Among the advantages of this approach, it is worth noting that there is no need to monitor the performance of the hardware, but you will need to pay rent for the resources.
This format is popular with those who are looking for how to earn bitcoin in Ukraine, since cloud mining, in fact, it is not tied to a specific place.

Bitcoin for actions

There are a number of resources and services that pay their users with cryptocurrency for certain actions – from viewing ads and entering "captcha" before performing routine work.

Despite the fact that such tasks can be done without investment, the profitability of bitcoin mining using this method is very low. Decide in advance how much time and effort you will have to spend in order to earn at least a small amount for withdrawal.

Investment services

Be especially wary of offers to quickly earn bitcoin in exchange for investments with real money. Unfortunately, in most cases, scammers and all kinds of “pyramids” promise high returns in crypto or real currencies.
You can also invest in altcoins or coins of various projects to earn money when they grow in price. However, it is worth remembering the high level of risk of such investments, as well as the fact that the vast majority of cryptocurrencies and tokens are unpromising.

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