Methane rocket launch failure: all satellites on board destroyed

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 Methane rocket launch failure: all satellites on board destroyed

Zhuque-2 missile launched from a spaceport in the Gobi desert. However, due to the failure of the second stage, it never reached orbit. All 14 satellites aboard the rocket crashed during the fall.

The launch was made from the Jiuquan Cosmodrome at 3:30 local time. In addition to testing a new type of thruster, the mission's goal was to launch 14 commercial satellites into heliosynchronous orbit.

China's space agency has yet to release an official statement, but tweeted launch footage indicates a problem with the second stage.

could not develop the speed necessary to reach orbit. The loss of speed and altitude began about five minutes after liftoff. Despite the failure, the launch of the launch vehicle on liquid methane – a big step forward for China. This is the first attempt in the world to send a rocket of this type into orbit.

  • "ZhuQue-2" with gas generator engines operating on liquid methane + liquid oxygen fuel pair, capable of lifting 6 tons of cargo to a height of 200 kilometers or 4 tons – 500 kilometers.
  • Rocket diameter 3.35 meters.
  • Total length 49.5 meters.
  • Takeoff weight 219 tons.

The rocket developer, Landspace, is one of China's first and well-funded private space companies. She is already working on the second ZhuQue-2 model, but it is not yet known how the failure of this launch will affect the plans of the developers.

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