Meteor the size of a corgi and weighing 4 baby elephants fell in Texas – NASA

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 Meteor the size of a corgi and weighing 4 elephants fell in Texas - NASA

A meteor the size of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and weighing about four baby elephants fell to Earth near McAllen, Texas. This was confirmed by NASA this week.

The meteor impact occurred around 18:00 local time last Wednesday. The National Weather Service later said that a geostationary lightning cartographer had spotted the meteor's outburst just half an hour earlier. At the time, it was unclear what caused the outbreak, especially since there were no thunderstorms in the area.

According to experts from NASA's Johnson Space Center, the meteor in question measured just over 60 centimeters in diameter and weighed half a ton (or about 454 kilograms).

In comparison, a baby elephant can weigh up to 113 kilograms. that its diameter was approximately equal to the length of an average Pembroke Welsh Corgi, the meteor still weighed as much as four baby elephants.

The meteor flew at a speed of about 43,452 kilometers per hour, which is several times faster sound, and although it exploded in the atmosphere at a height of about 34 kilometers above the ground, its fragments still managed to land.

In general, the meteor impact had the energy equivalent of eight tons of TNT.

However, reports of casualties and No damage has been reported as a result of the impact.

In any case, meteorite impacts are quite common. In fact, according to the American Meteor Society, the Texas meteor was just one of at least three meteorite impacts that happened within three days — the other two took place in France and Italy, according to CBS News.

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