Meta started work on a decentralized social network similar to Twitter

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 Meta started work on decentralized Twitter-like social network

Meta has confirmed rumors of a decentralized text messaging social network, but did not specify when it plans to launch.

Project codename — P92, while the social network is under development. The application can be accessed using the credentials of the Instagram profile. The service will support the ActivityPub protocol, the same one used by Mastodon.

The project is led by Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri. The company has engaged its legal department to look into potential privacy issues with the app.

Decentralized communication platform Mastodon has attracted half a million new users since Elon Musk joined Twitter in November 2022. In two months, the number of its users has grown from 300,000 to 2.5 million. In December, the founder of the service, Yevgeny Rochko, announced that he had turned down five large investors in order for the service to remain independent.

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