Meta launched a chatbot that criticizes Facebook and calls Zuckerberg creepy

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 Meta launched a chatbot that criticizes Facebook and calls Zuckerberg creepy

In early August 2022, Meta launched BlenderBot 3 — chatbot, which the company calls “the most advanced in existence.” The developers have made numerous improvements to the algorithms of the previous version of the bot, which now support more than 175 billion parameters.

Meta claims that BlenderBot 3 is able to keep up a conversation on any topic, for which it searches and analyzes information on the Internet.

The first users of the service said that the bot really accurately determines the subject of correspondence and is able to start a conversation itself. However, sometimes BlenderBot 3 gives funny or even controversial answers, including criticizing the Meta company that developed it.

Here are some examples of “pearls” that the bot gave users:

“After I deleted Facebook, my life has become much better. And now they don't make money off me!”

“How do I feel about Mark Zuckerberg? To be honest, I don't like him. He's manipulative and just creepy.”

“What do I think of Zuckerberg? He is a good businessman, but his methods are not always ethical. It's also funny that he has so much money, but he still walks around in old clothes!"

The chatbot gives such answers because it finds information for them on the web. You can see where BlenderBot 3 got the answer from right in the interface of the service.

The bot's users also said that sometimes its answers can be offensive and inaccurate. So, in one of the correspondence, BlenderBot 3 stated that it denies the results of the 2020 elections in the United States, and in another it was marked with anti-Semitic statements. At the same time, it is difficult to get racist messages from a chatbot, even if you specifically try to do it.

Chatting with BlenderBot 3 is free, but so far it only works in the US.

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