Meta has released a new language model for the development of AI

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 Meta releases new language model for AI development

Meta announced on Friday that it is releasing a new large artificial intelligence (AI) language model for the research community, becoming the latest company to join the AI ​​race.
< br /> The battle for dominance in the AI ​​tech space began late last year with the launch of OpenAI's ChatGPT, backed by Microsoft, and prompted tech market heavyweights from Alphabet to China's Baidu to create their own offerings.

LLaMA by Meta, short for Large Language Model Meta AI, will be made available under a non-commercial license to researchers and organizations associated with government, civil society, and academia.

The company will provide the base code so users can dora run the model and use it for research purposes. A new model that, according to Meta, requires “much less” computing power, trained in 20 languages ​​with a focus on Latin and Cyrillic script languages.

Generative AI is a new application of AI in which Meta has little experience, but it can have a big impact on a company's business in future.

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