Messi vs Ronaldo: the decisive ball in the confrontation – video

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 Messi vs Ronaldo: decisive ball in opposition – video

Lionel Messi contributed to the victory of “Paris Saint-Germain” over “Montpellier” on the road, scoring one of three goals in the match of the championship of France. Thanks to this goal, the striker managed to overtake his eternal rival Cristiano Ronaldo in the number of goals scored for teams from the top 5 European champions. Now Messi has 697 such goals, and Ronaldo – 696.

It took Messi 835 matches for this indicator. While Ronaldo scored his 696 goals in 919 matches.

It is worth noting that the analysts took into account goals for teams from the top 5 European championships – England, Spain, Germany, Italy and France. At the same time, at the club level, Ronaldo has a total of 701 goals, and he is still ahead of Messi. But he scored five goals for Sporting CP, playing in the Portuguese Championship, and not included in this five. Messi spent his entire career in Spain and France.

At the same time, Ronaldo scored his 700th goal at the club level against Everton, and 701st – at the gates of the Moldavian “Sheriff”. Ronaldo also scored his first goal in the Europa League.

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