Messi made Pele's dying wish come true

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 Messi fulfilled Pele's dying wish

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Lionel Messi managed to fulfill the dying wish of the legendary striker Pele, who died of cancer.

The daughter of the late "king of football" Kelly Nascimento on Instagram.

According to the woman, her father dreamed that Argentina would win the World Cup in Qatar, which eventually happened. She stressed that Pele got worse when Brazil lost to Croatia.

“Dad understood that any team can win the trophy, and that is why he loved this beautiful game. After the departure of Brazil, all the visitors who came to the ward to the pope said: “How are you, Pele? Who are you for now? Not for Argentina, right? And he said: “Yes, for Argentina! This cup should stay in South America, and Messi deserved it. Everyone was just wondering: "How? Argentina? Horror!" He could no longer watch the final on TV, but he realized that Argentina won and Messi managed to lift the cup over his head. He was happy,” she said.

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