Meryl Streep stood up for men

Мерил Стрип заступилась за мужчин

Meryl Streep spoke out against the attacks on men: “Women are toxic”.

The expression “toxic masculinity” (or “toxic masculinity”) is already part of everyday life around the world that are not happy star “Big little lies” Meryl Streep. In anticipation of the premiere of the second season of the series, the actress took part in an interview with the editor of Vanity Fair, where he defended men and criticized the increasingly popular definition, according to the with reference to

“I think at times we cause pain to others. We hurt our boys, calling masculinity toxic. Women, too, are very toxic and poisonous words. Much more dangerous to hang labels, since they are a barrier for open communication between people. We all have good and bad traits,” said Strip.

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Despite the active struggle for the rights of women, Meryl not consider themselves feminists. Promoting the film “Suffragette”, the actress told the journalist that he prefers to call himself a humanist. “I’m for a balance between the sexes” — then said Strip. However, the actress with a sharp tongue when it comes to harassment and sexism. In 2014, she called Walt Disney a “gender racist” for his belief that women are not capable to do animation. In 2015, she campaigned Congress to pass the equal rights amendment to make discrimination unconstitutional. And last year was one of the founders of the social campaign for the protection of women from harassment.

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