“Meron-2”: the funeral of Rabbi Kanevsky could turn into a disaster

 "Meron-2": Rabbi Kanevsky's funeral could turn into a disaster

Officers have expressed concern that the funeral of Rabbi Chaim Kanevsky, which will take place this afternoon, could turn into a disaster, as an impressive number of people gather at the house of the rabbi.

According to The Jerusalem Post, up to 1 million people may attend the funeral.

At night, thousands of people crowded in front of the rabbi's house and tried to break through the police barriers. The municipality of Bnei Brak announced on Saturday evening, March 19, that the house of the rabbi is closed to the public, the public was urged to refrain from coming to the area.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived to say goodbye to Rabbi Kanevsky and got stuck at his house for more than an hour due to the large crowd.

The Mount Meron Families Forum called on the Israeli police and hundreds of thousands of expected participants to do everything possible to avoid the Meron 2 disaster.

“We hope that the lessons of the Mount Meron tragedy will be applied, and each participant will be able to return home safely. A million people at a funeral in an area of ​​just one kilometer is a real danger to life,” the report said.

Security Omer Bar-Lev and other representatives of law enforcement agencies. The press notes that the police are concerned that the event could take a sharp turn for the worse. Sources of the publication “Maariv” the police compare this event with a potential disaster on Mount Meron.

According to the press, the IDF will provide assistance to the police. Earlier on Saturday it became known that the Israeli police will provide about 3,000 officers to ensure order at the funeral, and the main highways in the center of Israel will be blocked.

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