Merkel told about the reasons for leaving politics

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that after 18 years of leadership in his party the Christian democratic Union (CDU) decided to give others the opportunity to “take responsibility”.

She told about it on Thursday, November 1, while interacting with students in Kiev, the correspondent of “European truth”.

“I am 18 years as head of the Christian Democrats. Now you need to say, let others take responsibility,” said Merkel.

Merkel said that her party still has the highest support in the country, however, the results of the “not so good that we wanted.”

Меркель рассказала о причинах ухода из политики

Among the reasons for the drop in support she called the latest controversy in the CDU/CSU on migration policy.

“I have 13 years in the post of the Federal Chancellor, so I said that I will remain in office until the end of the term, but later won’t be a Chancellor. I made that statement to give an opportunity for new individuals who may have other thoughts, and so they can prepare the party for the next elections,” — said Angela Merkel.

We will remind, on October 29, Merkel said that her current cadence is the last on a post of the Chancellor. She also noted that she is committed to updating the manual of the Christian democratic Union.

Merkel heads a CDU since 2000 and is continuous Chancellor of Germany since 2005.

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