Mentors of the show “Voice” said goodbye to Gradsky

Mentors of the show & quot; Voice & quot; said goodbye to Gradsky

Mentors of the popular Russian show & quot; Voice & quot; said goodbye to the singer and composer Alexander Gradsky, who died on November 28.

& quot; To a better world Alexander Borisovich. I love you & hellip; My mom used to say, “.. don’t fight him & hellip;!”. He is a genius – he is absolutely principled – a rare person! On the set of Channel One, for so many years there were always like father and son. Sometimes they swore and put up, they all sat together in the same dressing room, argued, laughed. He told us a lot of interesting things from his busy life, '' recalled Dima Bilan.

According to him, literally 10 days ago, Alexander Borisovich recalled how they met. Bilan was 16-17 years old then.

“ Dear man! It's hard to leave, but I know and believe that he has gone to a better world. Goodbye, Alexander Borisovich, “he said.

Pelageya also reacted to the sad news.

& quot; Our dear, most important, most important Mentor & hellip;
Not in the project, & mdash; in life. In what a person should be who chooses music and stage.
Decent. Principled. Touching. Uncompromising. Always on the side of Truth and Good. Today the Master finished his journey on Earth. Our inaccessible and dear Alexander Borisovich, we loved, love, and will love you. They always love their Motherland.
Thank you for being here and sharing yourself so generously, '' said the singer.

Leonid Agutin also said goodbye to the artist.

“I had a very different attitude to this man – an incredibly talented and eccentric, intelligent and sometimes naive, an old man – our` `grandfather ''. I, of course, could not have imagined that this would happen so inhumanly suddenly. In the last message, to which I did not receive an answer, I wrote that he is my hero, that I admire his strength and believe in a speedy recovery … And I believed. We love you, Alexander Borisovich, '' he wrote.

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