Menorah in rhinestones installed in Amsterdam

Menorah in rhinestones was installed in Amsterdam

A copy of a giant menorah was installed in Amsterdam. She also received the popular nickname “ Menorah Liberacce ''. And it will be shown during an online Hanukkah concert.

313,000 rhinestones were used to make this.

The organizer of the Hanukkah concert, Barry Mehler, claims that they really wanted to create something special, and this time it is not a replica of the historic Rintel menorah.

For Dutch Jews, the original Rintel menorah, named after philanthropist Sarah Rintel, epitomizes the golden age of Ashkenazi Jews. In 1898 the first copy was made; it was necessary to somehow save the original from wear and tear. Since then, quite a few copies have been made. But in 2018, due to a split in the Hanukkah concert community due to artistic contradictions, it was decided to stop producing copies of Rintel's menorah.

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