Men also cry: a project from the photographer from Holland (PHOTO)

The young but already promising photographer Mod Fernhout from Holland has dedicated his work to a somewhat unusual topic, which rarely discuss — is it possible for men to cry. For 19-year-old student of the faculty of arts and Humanities Utrecht University photography has always been a way to Express yourself and tell about your opinion to help other people to do the same, to open up to the world.

“Be a man” is a phrase we hear since childhood, if not addressed to us, the boys, friends, brothers, and just passing by children on the street. This phrase I repeat to their sons of men, as they from an early age taught the parents. To be a real man means to suppress emotions, to behave as if they are not. A vivid example of men not supposed to cry, even in childhood.

Mod Fernhout told in the description of the project: “I believe that to show emotions and to be so Frank with the people around you is the testimony of inner strength, not weakness.” Models for the photo shoot were the classmates of the girl.

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Job, 18 years old: “I don’t consider tears a sign of weakness. If I pay, then I understand your emotions, I can move forward. It makes me stronger.”

To get his models to tears, Fashion put sad songs and showed pictures, was asked about her past, which we all have sad moments.


Milos, 20 years: “the Water cleans the body, tears the soul”.

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Tobias, 18 years old: “People are used to the stereotype that crying is the only way to Express sadness. Personally, I never believed that crying for men is something shameful or that it is some kind of problem until I participated in this photo shoot”.


Franco, 19 years: “Every person has the right to tears, whether male or female.”


Kevin, 19 years old: “the World is full of sorrow, pain, and joy. Good that people have the opportunity to Express emotions.”


Buckminster, 20 years: “Every time I cry, I smile after because I realize that we, the people, granted to genuine emotions.”


Jeep 20 years: “Tears is one of the faculties that distinguish us from animals. Oddly enough, we have to repress our nature to not stand out in society.”


Gigs, 19 years: “Tears are one of the most beautiful manifestations that we can, so don’t be afraid to cry”.


Arfor, 19 years old: “Someone laughs, someone cries. What’s wrong with that person doing what comes naturally?”


Moritz, 19 years: “Tears aren’t a sign of weakness, and acceptance of the emotions that you are experiencing. For me it is a sign of strength, of courage.”

Maybe next time you will think before to repeat to their children the thoughtless phrase “adults don’t cry” and “real men shouldn’t cry”?

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