Memo of a new immigrant: all about fashion shopping in Israel

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 A reminder for a new immigrant: all about fashion shopping in Israel

If you are new to Israel and have not yet found familiar fashion brands here, and have not yet started new favorite brands, if you are still poorly versed in the seasonality of local fashion and the impending “Black Friday” will be your first in a new country – this article is for you.

Fashion in Israel – what, where, to whom and how much?

Most Israelis consider fashionable what they are comfortable in: “no, it’s not me,” an Israeli woman can say and take off her most fashionable jacket, replacing it with a gray discreet jumper – she's more comfortable that way. This category, quickly joined by informal new immigrants, sometimes buys from Israeli designers who make comfortable, loose-fitting clothes in soft fabrics in soothing colors, but always with a twist, an unexpected cut or interesting accessories. Designer trousers, on average, can cost 400-600 shekels.

The most up-to-date young fashionistas buy things in inexpensive European chains, which are the first to throw clothes seen on the catwalks on the shelves. Approximate prices for clothes in such stores are 40-80 for T-shirts and T-shirts and 150-250 for trousers and skirts.

Elegant girls dress in Israeli fashion chains. The fashion in such networks is more restrained and timeless, the fabrics are suitable for our heat, the quality is usually good. Approximate prices – NIS 100-150 for a blouse and NIS 250-350 for a skirt or trousers.

 A reminder for a new immigrant: all about fashion shopping in Israel

European and Israeli major fashion chain stores are scattered throughout the country and are found in almost every shopping center and central shopping streets of many cities.

For luxury brands, you need to go to specially designated areas.

“Would you like a lighter luxury or a heavier one?”

Heavy luxury – This is Tel Aviv's Kikar HaMedina square. The most hyped glamorous luxury brands – it's here. But there are also brands less known to people from the countries of the former USSR, which, however, are well known in Europe.

For example, Elisabetta Franchi is a prêt-à-porter fashion brand with branches in Paris, Milan, Madrid, Moscow, Dubai, and a regular participant in the International Fashion Week in Milan. The brand's showroom is located in the heart of Milan's Fashion District, on six floors of a 1,000-square-meter building. The Israeli store of the brand is smaller, but the prices for clothes are the same as in Italy.

Premium brands – this is the shopping center (canyon, as the Israelis call them) Ramat Aviv in the north of Tel Aviv. Here, not only clothes and shoes, but also prestigious underwear, for example, a large Jack Kuba chain store, where Alla Pugacheva herself buys French, Italian, American underwear.

 New immigrant's memo: all about fashion shopping in Israel

Avivians with experience and money spend time at the pool with a waterfall in the very center of the city in the Gan a-Ir canyon. Here, luxury brands coexist with Israeli designers and democratic brands.

Here is one of the most spacious stores of the Lafayette Italy luxury footwear chain. All shoes are straight from the factories of Italy, they are unusually bright and colorful for Israel and very comfortable: nevertheless, Italian shoes – the most comfortable in the world.

 New immigrant memo: all about fashion shopping in Israel

Fashion seasons in Israel are more pronounced than weather seasons

The change of seasons in Israel is hardly noticeable, but the change of seasons in fashion – it's a whole event. They prepare for it ahead of time and warm up the people with progressive (in the sense that the closer the new collection, the lower the prices for the old one) discounts and various promotions.

Usually, new collections arrive in stores in batches. The first batch of the spring-summer season arrives at the end of February, and almost the entire new collection arrives by April.

With the winter season, the situation is similar: the first models of the season arrive in stores at the end of August, reminding us that summer does not last forever and there is still a lot to do. Although in Israel you can do the same almost all year round.

We are usually signaled about the approach of the new season by sales and super sales and mega sales, which are talked about so much that it's hard not to notice them. And it's right what they say about them, – discounts in Israel are serious and reach 70%.

Seasonal discounts – how much, when and for what

End-of-season discounts are available in all fashion chains. Summer discounts start in July and reach their peak by the end of August. In September, discounts on summer items are even higher, but valuable pieces and running sizes may already be sold out.

Here is an example of progressive seasonal discounts in the large Israeli chain Crazy Line – European-style clothing brand, which has already become a classic and is loved by new immigrants.

Winter Sales: December – discounts up to 40%, January – up to 50%, February – up to 60%, in March discounts can be up to 70%.

By the way, we are steadily approaching the peak of the discount season – discounts of up to 50% are already online, and there will be more.

Discounts for holidays (Paris Commune Day not included)

There are also discounts for the holidays, the largest – for Pesach, Rosh Hashanah, Valentine's Day on February 14, and thanks to Russian-speaking repatriates, many Israeli chains and stores began to make holiday discounts for the New Year and March 8.

And, of course, discounts have their own professional holiday – “Black Friday” when the whole country walks around the shops and websites and spends record amounts. Usually Black Friday is celebrated for several days at the end of November.

In honor of the black day of the calendar, you can get high discounts despite the fact that the end of the winter season is still far away.

For example, last Black Friday, the entire range of the WeShoes website, where you can buy the most popular Crocs, Blundstone and Moses shoes in Israel, was sold with discounts of up to 60%. There was also a promotion – free home delivery. By the way, discounts in this network are valid all year round – every week for a certain category of goods – there is also such a format of discounts in Israel.

 Memo of a new immigrant : all about fashionable shopping in Israel

Permanent “White Nights” (when discounts go from evening to morning, and the closer to the morning – the higher the discounts), weekend discounts, promotions for a certain brand, product or selected model – There are countless online and offline discounts in Israel.

Use them and “refresh” as they say in Israel, congratulating you on your purchase. After all, shopping – this is really a reason to upgrade, open up to something new and let in a new world that will soon become familiar and dear.

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