Members of the family of a terrorist who attacked a MAGAV fighter were detained

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 Members of the family of the terrorist who attacked the MAGAV fighter were detained< /p>

On the night of February 14, IDF fighters went to the house of 13-year-old terrorist Muhammad Bassel Fathi Zalbani, who attacked yesterday a fighter of the Magava, who died later from his wounds.
< br /> During the raid, Israeli soldiers were attacked. Stones and Molotov cocktails were thrown at them. Moreover, the car tried to run over the fighters who arrived at the scene.

“During the operation of the security forces in the Shuafat refugee camp, a car drove towards our forces, allegedly trying to run over the fighters. The suspect, who was driving the car, was neutralized and taken for medical assistance. There are no losses among our forces,” Channel 12 quoted a police spokesman.

IDF soldiers broke into the terrorist's house in the Shuafat refugee camp to arrest some of his accomplices. The entrance road was closed. Violent clashes erupted between security forces and rioters during the raid, during which gunshots were heard.

As a result, after riots and clashes, the parents and brother of the 13-year-old terrorist, because of which a 22-year-old MAGAV fighter, Sergeant Asil Suaed, died. They were taken for interrogation.

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