Member of the Knesset called the IDF a “machine of destruction”

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Joint List Knesset Member and Leader of Balad Sami Abu Shhadeh sharply criticized the IDF in an interview for the Knesset channel. Abu Shhade called the Israeli army a “machine of destruction.”

Haruts Sheva reports.

“I can certainly condemn the Israeli occupation. The Israeli occupation is making sacrifices. You are a war machine, that's what you have created – a machine of destruction. The Jews in the State of Israel have created one of the most well-oiled, most efficient machines of destruction in the world that cannot be taken away,” said Abu Shhade.

The MP also noted: "If violence and terrorism are prohibited, then they are prohibited for everyone. The fact that Israel does it doesn't make it right. The State of Israel should not go and destroy people without trial".

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