Member of Svajena Malevich about plastic: When moved away from the anesthesia, was like a balloon

Участница  Зважених та щасливих  о пластике: Когда отошла от наркоза, была похожа на воздушный шар

Participant of “Svajena Malevich” about him: When I found out, was like a balloon
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March Marnus decided on surgery to tighten sagging skin after weight loss

The participant of the project, “she zvazheni schaslivi” March Marnus did surgery to remove the sagging skin in one of clinics of Turkey. In Instagram the girl confessed that for a long time did not dare to plastic surgery.

– Who have been watching my page know that I have always been against any plastic surgeries. writes Mar. – 2 years I struggled with the “extra” skin from a past life, did everything I could: sports, food, vitamins, massages… It tightens the skin, I will not argue, but, unfortunately, not the way you want. Photos “before and after” to prove it. I’ve been thinking about plastic. On the one hand scary and on the other a toned body.

Martha told me why he decided to trust Turkish doctors.

– One well-known blogger saw the recommendation of the clinic in Turkey, thought it was a sign and it is time to decide. Long weighing the for and against I decided. Why Turkey? High professionalism of the surgeon, at a relatively low cost. But the price, of course, may vary within a wide range — it all depends on the initial state and the desired result. I was operated on the surgeon who has over 4000 transactions, so I was calm.

The operation lasted eight hours under General anesthesia.

– I removed the skin on the hands, back, stomach, tightened thighs, and that’s 4.5 kg of skin! Then a blood transfusion because at first everything seams very blood. When moved away from the anesthesia, was similar to a balloon. I was swollen 3 times! I had nothing to wear. All I took with me was back to back and joints from this rooting even more.

To Turkey Mar went with her husband Andrew. According to the girl, a second surgery will make it nine months later

Участница  Зважених та щасливих  о пластике: Когда отошла от наркоза, была похожа на воздушный шар

In the seventh season of the project, “she zvazheni schaslivi” March threw 82 kg. Photo: STB

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March Manaus participated in the TV show “that zvazheni schaslivi”. In the second season the girl met her future husband Andrew Marnauza. Thanks to the project, Andrew was down to 92 kg, and Mar – 68. A couple of years kept herself in shape, but after the birth of daughter the couple began to rapidly gain weight. Mar and Andrew again decided to participate in “Svajena Malevich”. Together the pair dropped 151 lbs.


Participant of “Svajena Malevich” March Marnus shared the pizza recipe

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